Previous R+D+i projects

We develop projects of research and assimilation of technologies in collaboration with public and private institutions.

The main lines of our work are:

- Development of protocols for pollutant determination and integrated analysis of animal and plant communities;

- Cultivation of alternative dams as food for species of socio-economic interest;

- Evaluation of human activity influence on coastal marine ecosystems (emissaries, desalination, ports, aquaculture, etc ...);

- Modeling, used as a tool for prediction ofenvironmental responses to disrupting factors.

Through technological surveillance and due to experience and needs that have arisen in our own projects, CIMA has participated in elaboration of tools that proved useful in our own research projects as well as of other institutions.

- CANAMOD: Modeling tool for the prediction of the environmental response to the material deposition coming from offshore cages from the Canary Islands.

- PRESAPUL: Use of alternative preys for octopus (Octopus vulgaris) larvae growth.

- MACAROMOD: Dispersion of organic matter coming from aquaculture farms: development of a mathematical model to guarantee environmental sustainability.

- Brine affection: Minimization of brine disposal impacts on seabed biodiversity, with special reference to the Cymodocea nodosa meadows.